Tuesday, January 31, 2012

chagalog - an after thought

an after thought after saying that word. Which i find hard to pronounce. hahaha!

Who the hell coined this word? Well, just don't answer me... i have names in mind which i guess coined this name.

But chagalog na nga ba here sa Zamboanga? Probably. Most people i hear miz Filipino ( or Tagalog) with Chavacano in a single sentence. Which sounds awkward ( from my hearing point) since i am taught to speak one dialect in one sentence.

Yes indeed, i do hear people use those two dialects in once sentence and indeed sounds awkward but they are using it and people find it funny too. Do i? maybe, maybe i don't. It is still nice to hear people speak straight Filipino ( but not necessarily "old filipino" where it is barely understandable too. i nearly failed Filipino 101) or straight English or Chavacano.

So how do you intertwine these two? er... let me practice it later. I bet i will have a very good tutor. :P

i can feel Mr. Sun today

Lunch. 11:57

and the sun is blazing hot. It is sunny today here in our city. Which is pretty good actually since it has been raining the previous days...( which we, personally do not like :P)

see? Zamboanga sky is  lookin' great. Sana nga lang di umulan. Just took this shot a few minutes ago from my office building.

Just feel like sharing it.

and one more.

can anyone guess where this pic was taken? 

it is pretty hot - hot enough to eat Halo-Halo sa Chowking. hmmmm nice idea :p 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Zamboanga City Hall

This was taken last year..at the City's City Hall... it looked amazing actually. My kids loved it. But then it also makes you wonder how much was their electricity bill for the period? lol. I bet it skyrocketed!!! and taxpayer's get to pay it..yeeehha!!

But then again, that was Christmas so they are allowed to do that...lol and people get to enjoy it so let them have that as an excuse for the bill..and using the tax payer's money. 

I remembered bringing my kids there on the eve of Christmas and there was a bubble machine from the top..and kids were scattered all over trying to catch the bubbles... but i guess they ran out of bubbles! lol and it stopped and we have to moved forward to Paseo... 

But i've got to admit, i want to look forward to December again.

Sta. Cruz Island!!! Cool place

cool pic of it huh. White sand.. blue water... a secluded island if you come to think of it. This is one of the several places where i believe the city government should improve. Yes, improve more, advertise it more. SECURE it more. For Christ's sake people are scared of going there! Even me, i have been here all my life and i do not want to go there for security reasons since there are crazy elements who might have a streak of craziness struck in their mind and we never know what they will do. ( yes i am that paranoid lol).

Then again, the city should do something about. We could generate more income from this place. TOURISM! What the heck is our lgu doing? specifically the tourism department? i believe there is one. They should be more existent...or maybe they want to but there are people there who does not do anything about it or is even scared of the budget... lol countless things you can think of.

but this is a very cool place! It could be like Boracay if we want to.

I wish this ain't just a wishful thinking.

p.s and i hope the city will stop saying we are Asia's Latin City - for the love of God. We are more than that. We are not Latin for Christ's sake!!! ( maybe it was part of the roots or something) but people here are a mixture of different ethnicity...or different tribes..maybe they can coin something from there. To be truly unique for one... plus are there still people here that speaks Latin? the only time i get to hear latin is when there is a vigil...lol some still uses latin in those prayers.

anyways, i am being nonchalant again but the heck it is true. we are unique in a different kind of way.  I wish people could see it this way and agree with me. Comments and violent reactions are still accepted hahaha! :P

Friday, January 27, 2012

Will be a melting pot...

Why create this blog? if you search for blogs or articles regarding Zamboanga City - you will find more than several! So what makes this blog different? I cannot exactly say. lol.

This blog is created by individuals not entirely 100% Zamboangueños. I for one, the writer of this article was born here but my parents are not. I am legally called Zamboangueño ( or i believe i am lol) since i was born here....but then again, i was raised in a household where our dialects were mix matched. If i could recall well, my yayas were speaking Bisaya...then i have cousins who are speaking Chavacano...and we have family friends who would come over speaking Filipino ( or Tagalog). So see? This one will be different.

We will be sharing points of views in a different perspective. This won't be your usual blog of the beautiful spots of Zamboanga - it will be a whole lot more. 

A melting pot - why? it is here where you can see people of different tribes that do melt and become one -or so i believe. We will try to incorporate more of the differences that makes Zamboanga unique. :)

Pardon me, if this one will be short. As we are still on the plotting stage of the future of this blog. Hopefully we will thrive. :P

Till next time.... :) 

Thursday, January 26, 2012