Tuesday, January 31, 2012

chagalog - an after thought

an after thought after saying that word. Which i find hard to pronounce. hahaha!

Who the hell coined this word? Well, just don't answer me... i have names in mind which i guess coined this name.

But chagalog na nga ba here sa Zamboanga? Probably. Most people i hear miz Filipino ( or Tagalog) with Chavacano in a single sentence. Which sounds awkward ( from my hearing point) since i am taught to speak one dialect in one sentence.

Yes indeed, i do hear people use those two dialects in once sentence and indeed sounds awkward but they are using it and people find it funny too. Do i? maybe, maybe i don't. It is still nice to hear people speak straight Filipino ( but not necessarily "old filipino" where it is barely understandable too. i nearly failed Filipino 101) or straight English or Chavacano.

So how do you intertwine these two? er... let me practice it later. I bet i will have a very good tutor. :P

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